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RM 268
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Cranberry probiotics, probiotic raw materials imported from Denmark, patented strains, specially designed for women, improve various gynecological inflammations

【Cranberry Probiotic】

Using French Laikray cranberries, each 250kg concentrated into 1kg extract + 3 layers of protection technology probiotics to ensure activity

 It is the only cranberry probiotic in the market that can achieve [2 hours absorption + 7?? days to improve vaginal urethritis]!

Urinary tract infection / frequent urination / painful urination / blood in the urine / vaginal infection / itching / odor / abnormal vaginal discharge / flatulence / indigestion / constipation

【Efficacy of cranberry probiotic】

Clinically proven to support urinary tract health, help reduce adhesion of E. coli bacteria to the urethral wall and reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, inhibiting urinary tract infection and inflammation

Cranberry ? probiotics effectively sterilize, inhibit, protect our body, and achieve the effect of treating both the symptoms and the root cause. It can also help bacterial infections and diseases caused by inflammation,

Such as endocrine disorders, vaginal premises, stuffy odor, recurrent infections, cystitis ... ??

 Boosts immunity

Cranberries are rich in Vitamin C, which can make the blood vitamin C concentration rise rapidly, improve immunity, and rich in pectin, which can nourish beauty, improve constipation, and help eliminate toxins and excess fat from the body.

 Protect gastrointestinal and anti-aging

Regulates the balance of gastrointestinal flora to improve digestion and absorption, so that the body is younger! As the so-called good stomach equals good health!

The probiotic strain works synergistically with cranberry's Anthocyanidin, while consuming highly concentrated cranberry and patented probiotics for effective privacy at the same time.

The French Health and Security Agency (AFSSA) announced that as long as 36 mg of proanthocyanidins are ingested every day, it can effectively achieve intimate care.

【 Cranberry Probiotic - Ingredients】What's there?

 The world's highest anthocyanin content [North American Oregon patented cranberry] - 1kg of extract per 250kg of cranberries, taking 7?? hours to effectively reduce the adhesion of E. coli on the urinary tract.

 Denmark imported probiotic raw materials, Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1

Obtained the US FDA new food and EU OPS recognition to effectively avoid harmful bacteria, E. coli, adhere to YIN tract + urinary tract, and improve gastrointestinal discomfort.

【Galacto-oligosaccharide GOS】- has been certified by GRAS in the United States, maintains the balance of good and bad bacteria, promotes the normal growth of lactobacilli, maintains normal vaginal pH, and improves gastrointestinal discomfort.

Raspberry - Rich in Vitamin C, E, dietary fiber, high in antioxidants, 10% higher than strawberries and x10 times higher than tomatoes!

 17 Natural Enzymes (Digestive Enzymes) - Can help improve digestive system, acid reflux, bloating!

【 Cranberry Probiotic】How to eat?

1 box = 28 packs (2g per pack)

 5-99 years old, 2 sachets per day (after breakfast)

 Serious only 1 day 4 sachets, eat powder / soak water (breakfast + after dinner)

 3-5 years old, 1 day and a half sachet, add when soaking milk powder

 If you are taking Western medicine, you can eat it 1 hour apart!